<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Kevin Woods

29 January 2017

We were playing football in the school yard in 1955.The yard was in that area that is now the Church parking area beside the Parochial House.We had been fortunate today that we had acquired a cows bladder from Woods' butcher shop in Newry St.It was blown up and tied at the top with string.Two teams were picked and the match was on. The football's origins added to our hilarity as the game ebbed and flowed across the school yard.
Lunch time had another 6 minutes to run.The game slowed as the players moved to the southern wall to look towards the bottom of the hill.
Many prayed silently that this was the day when the teachers house door wouldn't open.
Every day we prayed but everyday on the dot of five minutes to two the door opened and Master Mc Grath proceeded on his onward march towards us up the hill.In what seemed like seconds his soft felt hat boobed up and down along the perimiter wall with each menacing step.He was at the gate,turned and without looking left or right proceeded to the classroom door.Wheeling round to face us I knew our time was up as we lined up two by two. "Istigh"(In) he said as every gut in my body churned in anticipation of the afternoon to come.More > (0 comments)

Sean Maguire

29 January 2017

Corner HouseMore > (0 comments)

Kevin Woods

29 January 2017

When I was a boy living in Ghan House in the 40s/50s/and 60s my father Peter would go out into the darkness on New Years Eve with a bottle of Holy water and sprinkle it over the fields and and gardens of Ghan House.More > (0 comments)

Michael O"Hanlon

29 January 2017

My father was born in Carlingford.More > (0 comments)

Morgane Woods

29 January 2017

A tribute to Nanny Jackie Woods

Your smile brightens the room,

The joy you bring is priceless,

And your laugh is like an angels.

My role model,

Not only mine but all of ours,

When things went wrong, you kept us strong.

You never let us down,

Or under estimated us,

Thank you Nanny,

You're so special to all of us,

You play a huge part in our family.
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