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Dave Barry
My grandfather, Albert Barry (1866-1945) and his wife Lizzie (Fegan) moved to Carlingford for the period ~1920-28. Albert had previously been ship's
carpenter for coastguard lightships in Cork and Down, before working in the
Glasgow shipyards 1907-20. It is said that he was harbourmaster at
Carlingford Lough 1920-28, whether at Carlingford or Warrenpoint not being
known. Of course, maybe he was working as a shipwright on- or offshore. The children were educated in Newry and possibly also Dundalk. I've been told
that the children schooled alongside a Barney McKevitt of Carlingford, who in the 1980's owned McKevitt's Hotel in the village. In 1928, the family moved back to Glasgow.

I'm seeking any information, and in particular about Albert's job, the schools attended by the children (who would have been aged 13, 9, 8,2 in 1920) and anything of interest.

Many thanks for your help.
Sunday, May 10 2015 - 12:49 PM
jim mccourt
too many to mention the Woods family the Finnegans @Mckevits
Wednesday, October 01 2014 - 10:31 PM
Derek Ruddy
I know i said it before kevin but everytime i log on to this site it gets better.DICK BROWN, JOE MC GUINNESS, DINNY OAKES, DANNY DELAHUNT, FRANCIS GRIBBEN. Myself and the Brothers use to help Frances in the old convent when he was working in the Garden.Danny use to walk home up his lane behind our home house. He would give us 20p for helping him carry the shopping bag up for to his house. We would head straight to Anna Murphys with the 20p. Good times. These are people i Remember as a kid growing up. I Must drop over a few more photos to ye. keep the good work up. Its a great great site.
Wednesday, September 17 2014 - 12:35 PM


Kevin Woods

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