Bush Cemetery.

When searching for a family name -search by surname,Each surname bears the Christian names of all in that family buried in that grave or associated with that family.The date of the first burial in the grave is at the end of the search line.

The school on the right of the church was opened in 1844 and closed in 1968. The earliest legible grave recorded is 1856. CMP Feilde,erected by Henry Feilde Bury England.

Grave Markings

Armstrong Thomas, Harriett, Daisy Lea,Edward, Petestown, 1896

In loving memory of Thomas Armstrong Petestown who departed this life 21st December 1896 Aged 64. Also His beloved wife Harriett who died 19th Dec 1909.Aged 74. Also Daisy Lea Armstrong wife of Edward Armstrong who died May 19th 1961 Aged 73. Also her husband Edward Armstrong who died Nov 8th 1962 Aged 82.

Bothwell Edwin,Eileen, Nicholastown,Ardee, Old Grange, 2003

Bothwell Samuel, Mary Jane,Samuel William John,John Frederick,Rachel nee McAdam,Willville, 1934

Bothwell, Old Grange,

Bridcut (Grills Greenore)

Carroll Thomas Frederick (Freddie), Mary Elizabeth (nee Watson), Elizabeth Betty (Nee Masson), 1982

Christmas Frederick George, Park Villas Dundalk, 2011

Christmas Frederick.Catherine Jane,William Francis, 1938

Christmas Mary (nee McAdam), Rathcor 2013.

Christmas Thomas Francis,Annabelle, Bush 1922.