Carlingford Old

When searching for a family name -search by surname,Each surname bears the Christian names of all in that family buried in that grave or associated with that family.The date of the first burial in the grave is at the end of the search line.The old Carlingford graveyard is situated overlooking the harbour and the lough and facing the Mourne mountains. There are references to it in the fourteenth centuryNone of the gravestones that are legible date back to the 17th century but many have dates which record those born as early as 1650 upwards.

I have deceiphered as many as I can and linked them to the actual tombstones taking care to photograph clues to location for those who seek out particular ones.

Kevin Woods

The original attempt to deceipher was by Paddy Power (Dec.) schoolteacher in Dundalk who lived at 18 Francis Street and a member of the County Louth archiological society and subsequently by Kitty Gallagher Sec to Dr.Grant of the North Commons and by Lucinda Carroll of Newry Street who rests in this cemetery.

Grave Markings

Adamson Robert,Freeda, Gerald,Station Road. 1945

In loving memory of Robert Adamson Station Road died 8th March 1945. His daughter Freeda died young. And his son Gerald died 6th Nov 1996

Baker Robert, 1905

In loving memory of Robert Baker who died 6th April 1905 “]esus calls us o’er the tumult of our life's wild restless sea”

Bailey Cecil Park,1918

Cecil Park Bailey Oct 17th 1918


Barbor,Thomas, Catherine, 1893

In Memory of Thomas Barbor, M.D. J.P. who died 31st December 1893. Aged 72 years. Also of Catherine Cecillia Barbor, His widow Who died 14th January 1905. Aged 38 years. “For ever with the Lord”

Barbin Luke, Carlingford ,1858

To the Memory of Luke Bardin of Carlingford, who departed this life Oct. 21st 1858 Aged 70 years. l know that my Redeemer liveth.

Beresford William Hamilton,Derry,1865

In Memory of William Hamilton Beresford Son of the Right Honourable John Beresford and Barbara his wife of Walworth County Derry. Born 11th October 1788. Died 16th September 1865

Bishop Thomas,Anne,Ross, 1838

Erected to the Memory of Thomas Bishop who departed this life 9th Oct. 1838, Aged 60 years. Also his beloved Wife.Anne, who departed this life 28th Feb.1853, Aged 72 years. Also their beloved son Ross who departed this life 10th March 1856 Aged 43 years. Them who sleep in Jesus Will God bring with him.

Blacker Latham,Brownley Rutherford, 1917

In Memory of Latham Brownley Rutherford Blacker who departed this life 17th March 1917. ln his 67th year. I shall be satisfied when l awake with thy likeness. Psalm 17-15.

Blake James,Eleanor,Christopher,Liverpool,Rathcor, 1845

Erected by James Blake of Liverpool to the memory of his father James Blake Rathcor who departed this life Feb7th 1845. And of his mother Eleanor Blake who departed this life April 30th 1860 Aged 69 years. Also Christopher son of above died Jan 19th 1897 aged 83 years.