Lordship Cemetery Lordship.

When searching for a family name -search by surname,Each surname bears the Christian names of all in that family buried in that grave or associated with that family.The date of the first burial in the grave is at the end of the search line.

Grave Markings

Abbott Charles, Rampark, 1986

Beck Norman

Boyle BrĂ³nach (See Duffy Hugh)

Breen Bernadette, Benagh Riverstown, 2011

Breen Joe,Alice,Ballygoley Riverstown, 1989

Breen John,Ellen, Kevin,Margaret (Peggy),Blackman Vera,Ballygoley, 1956

Breen Joseph,Anthony,McDonald Charles,Winifred (nee Breen),Dublin Road, Ballygoley, 1960.

Blackman,(See Breen John),

Bretland Laurence, Annie, Annaloughan, 1977.

Burke Michael,Mary,Sean, 1953.