<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Kevin Woods

Uploaded: 29/01/2017

Catching Trout in the River Lane
Just across from the home of Patsy and Eithne Mc Kevitt on the River Lane there was a pool that had trout in it in the 1950s.They were small when we first spotted them. We would get into the river in our bare feet and catch them, trapping them between hands fingers and the wall.They were light brown in colour speckled with bright red and black spots.After catching them we would release them back into the pol

A year passed by,I was 11, and to us they now looked liked they had doubled in size.This time we caught them and brought them home to the pan.By the time they were topped and tailed there was pretty well nothing on them- barely a mouth full.

Looking back it seems extraordinary to me now that there were trout there. God knows where they came from and He also knows where they went to.50 years on the beauty of them in the water far outweighs the memory of what they tasted like.

There were also trout in the steam at Mountain Park when we were children. They were more elusive that the River Lane ones.We could never catch them though someone must have for they are gone too and only God knows to where..