<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Sean Kearney

Uploaded: 29/01/2017

Memory: Visiting Carlingford
As child of 10 or 11 I visited my Uncle Pat Joe Kearney (my dad is Des Kearney) when he lived up the hill and we had a wonderful week visiting relatives and playing round the town. 3 real memories that stay with me are getting in trouble for trying to empty the well in the back yard and making it muddy, helping to ring the church bell, and going to church after visiting relatives who were harvesting the previous day and watching my dad kneel down and and leave two piles of wheat grain on the floor that had collected in the turnups of his trousers the previous day. All things that would never have happened in Blackpool. Your website has jogged so many ageing memories Thank You.