<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Tom McKevitt

Uploaded: 29/01/2017

An excerpt taken from the"McKevitt Family” Web site
Tom McKevitt now lives in Blue Ridge Georgia U.S.A.
A note from Tom McKevitt:
MCKEVITT IS MY NAME, Thomas Lawrence McKevitt but I’m called Tom. I'm your host, and I'm pleased to bring you The McKevitt Family web site. "McKevitt Family" is intended to mean all who are named McKevitt, or are of McKevitt families around the world; and that because McKevitts everywhere are indeed of one family.
My father grew up in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and I in the Roslindale/West Roxbury section of Boston. I made my first personal appearance at Brigham & Women's Boston Lying Inn, where it was claimed in song that "...every day is Labor Day at the Boston Lying Inn...," in late February 1930, amid the Great Depression that followed an October 1929 market crash. My father was Francis John McKevitt, my mother Gertrude Josephine McKevitt, nee Clifford. I was born the youngest of three; Lawrence "Larry" Timothy McKevitt being the eldest, Paulina Agnes Maloney, nee McKevitt and called Pam, being the middle child. My grandfather, Patrick McKevitt, grew up in a place called the North Commons, between the medieval town of Carlingford and the townland of Omeath, in County Louth, Ireland. For some reason, rather than walk a mile on Sundays and Holy Days to St. Michael's Catholic Church in Carlingford, he preferred walking about three miles to St. Laurence Catholic Church, in Omeath. His father was called "Big Arthur," and his mother was the former Catherine Henry, daughter of Patrick and Catherine Henry. Yes, Patrick Henry. The Henry family lived closer to St. Laurence's, and also near Newry, close to the Lough.

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  • Mary Ellen

    Mary Ellen 9 months ago

    I stumbled upon the "McKevitt Family website" several years ago while doing a cursory Google search for my relatives on my mother's side of the family. My great-great-grandmother was Maggie (Oakes) McKevitt who married Owen McKevitt in San Francisco, CA in the 1870s. She died after giving birth to my great-grandmother, also named Maggie. According to her headstone, she came from County Louth. I found Maggie's (Owen's wife's) grave in a tiny town outside of Reno, Nevada called Silver City. Her wooden grave marker is still there 140 years later. It looks like Maggie and Owen both came from Carlingford. I hope to visit there someday.