<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Memories containing the words .

Fr. Ambrose Woods 1995

29 January 2017

In 1995 Fr Ambrose Woods retired P.P. of Ashford Kent and who was born in Carlingford in 1913 wrote a letter to an old school pal of his- Frank Mc Kevitt, who had emigrated to Australia in his early 20s.
Frank was the eldest son of Danny and Ellen Mc Kevitt Newry St.Carlingford.
The letter is one of reminiscing of times past when they were growing up.
I don’t know how it got back here to me in Carlingford.
I will copy it as it reads
Dundalk St
22.April 1995
Dear Frank,
What’s keeping you ? You went up the Back Lane a couple of hours ago and you said you were only going to see “Hairy Jemmy” and Pete Cassidy and would be back soon. But you must have visited Bill and Jack Ryan and Bridget and Mary McCrogaragh (Gregory) and Peter Fearon as well – not to mention Angela Brennan and family.God rest them all.

There are not to many left these days; I am the last of my family alive: Willie,Lily,Annie, Thomas, James, and Peter have all gone to their reward. I became a priest in England for nearly 60 years. Your own family are a credit to your good mother and father and they have fine children.

Incidentally some 46 years ago in 1949 I arrived into a parish in South London as a new curate. The P.P. said to me “ I fixed no time for your Mass tomorrow. Go down to such and such a house and get one of the ONeill boys to serve your Mass tomorrow” Mrs ONeill said yes and as we chatted I picked up my ears at her accent.I asked her where she was from and she said “Co.Louth” “Where’’I asked. “Glenmore Cooley’’ she said. “I’m from Carlingford” says I. “Do you know the North Commons” she said. ( to myself I said now how does this Glenmore woman living in London know the North Commons) I looked hard at her face and said “ You’re a sister of Mrs Danny Mc Kevitt’’

She then said to me “ A woman lives in the house across the road who is from Newry and she has a brother in Carlingford’’ So I wet across the road and she was a sister of Bob. Adamson father of Jack,Fred Robbie, Leslie, Gerry,Elizabeth, Brendan.! The first 2 houses I went into.

Of the old times the following are alive Tommy O Hare (Skurricks), Mary Mc Kevitt Havestadt and her American husband Joe, my sister in law Eileen Mc Shane Thomas’s widow: (her cousin Maggie, Hughie Brennan’s widow,died recently): Maggie Keenan widow of Percy Woods from Boher lives outside Dundalk: Billie O Reilly and his wife Maureen Mc Cartan: Baba,his sister Grainne a retired St Louis Sister lives in California but has made several trips home in recent years. Sean Reilly,son of wee John the carpenter is the local Undertaker.Maggie Elmore (Mrs Murphy) lives in Alice Sheridans house in the Coastguard Station, her brother Tpommy Elmore married and lives in Newtown Mt. Bagnal (Their father was “ The Jock Elmore” who lived above Willie Donnelly the shoemaker. Danny Brennan, brother of Hughie alive and healthy, lives in Newry ( he was an engine driver on the old D.N.G.R.)
Edith Wright is married toa man called Wright,but lives in the North in Tandragee: John Murph who was J.P.Kearneys No1 man and then became a rate collector, is strong and hearty at 93 years and lives at the Bush.: Ownie Hagan younger brother of Paddy from the North Commons went to N.Wales and married a business woman he worked for and is well off living in Llandudno: Pat Fitzharris who became a British customs man in N.Ireland lives in Donegal. Pat Fitzharis’ father was an R.I.C.man and sometimes comes to see us. Do you remember Michael Meehan son of R.I.C. Sergeant Meehan.He lives in Dublin and also comes to see us: Henry Harolds sister Molly, Mrs Gribben still lives in Mountain Park.Henry and his wife Kathleen Clarke are long dead RIP.

“Half ton” Ownie Connolly worked in Liverpool and died a few years ago. I used to visit him in an old peoples home on my way home. Patsy died years ago but his widow Jinny who worked in Larkins and finally lived in the old Connolly railway cottage at the gates died last year.

“The wee band’’ as Phil. God rest his soul used to call it is going strong. It has won prestigious competitions and I had the privilege of accompanying it to New York and Boston a few years ago and marching with them in the Patricks Day parades.

Great improvements have been made to all the old buildings,The Dominican Abbey, King Johns castle, the Tholsel and the Mint. Our local Heritage Trust got big monies from the European Fund for Ireland and other funds, and great restoration works were done on them. Count Taffes castle, which is not a castle but a medieval town house has still to be done. The “Green” where we played football became tennis courts.

The drawing I am sending you was made by Paul O Hare, son of Martin O’Hare and grandson of “Wee” Willie O’Hare and Molly Martin (Riverstown Inn)

Mary Flynn married to Paddy Finnegan lives in what was Rice’s cottage in the Ghan next door to Chistina Smith. My nephew Kevin has built a nice house in the near end of the far field, the old football field and has a family of 9 (or is it 10 children)

I am sure you heard of the tragedy of Rory McKevitts 2 two sons, God rest them.

I wonder if you remember “Silly Johnny” ? Johnny Dullinean who use to follow Armstrongs Mill “Me boss mill” he use to say. And anything you said to him,like “How are you Johnny” he would reply “Ha ha funny boy How are “aself”. Some of the boys persuaded him to go to confession to Fr. Mc Ardle P.P. of Cooley, Fr Mc Ardle asked him “ How long since your last confession “? And Johnny replied “Ha Ha funny boy how long aself”

Well Frank this may stir up a few memories for you. There are lots more ! The McAllisters of course!! Dr Eddie Finegan used to say that when he visited “Mickey the Nuns” he didn’t know whether he was in Mickeys house or his own! And when
Fr. Finegan asked him what they were going to call the new baby he said “ When me and Bridget talked about it we decided to call it St Joseph after the Virgin Mary” In fact it was a girl which they called Patricia at her baptism.
God bless you and yours. You are all in my daily Mass
Yours Sincerely
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Molly Rafferty

29 January 2017

The Cooley Show
In the 1950s there was a disagreement at The Cooley Show as to which was The Best Horney Ram
of the show .Molly Rafferty from the Ramperts Greenore who worked for years in Woods' cafe in Newry Street Carlingford penned this poem to mark the occasion.
She makes reference to the following people:

“Big Dan” was Dan Ferguson of Castletown Cooley,father of Danny ,Ambose, Kitty, Gerard,Patsy, Phil and Josie.

Thomas Woods Newry St who farmed in Castletown Cooley father of Margaret Liam Tom and Eileen.

Andy White Castletown Cooley

“The Rev Doctor”:Was Doctor Callan P.P. Of Cooley

“Reillys mare”is reference to Reillys in Glenmore

''Walty'' was Walter Brown from Millgrange, a horseman and jockey who worked for some time for James Woods Eblana House Newry St.

Mc Donalds tent was the pub run by M J McDonald Park St Dundalk

Mr Kieran was the headmaster in The Bush Tec.as it was then

The Cooley Show
It was at the show in Cooley
That the incident took place
That caused a frown of worry
On the poor committee's face
For after all their trouble
and when things were running smooth
To think a man from Castletown
Could be so awfully rude

Some sheepmen were feeling cheerful
and were there to try their luck
When Big Dan Ferguson told the judge
“You wouldn't know a buck”

Tommy Woods was smiling
For he got the prize he sought
Big Dan held all the laurels
At the show ground in Dundalk.
Andy White was furious
At what his neighbour done,
To insult a Judge from Mourne
After asking him to come.

Now Dan was very angry
And he says “Youse know quite well
That there's not a Woods in Carlingford
Would beat my Horney Ram”

Walty went for the Rev.Doctor
To get him on the sod
For if anyone could stop the row
'twas the Holy man of God.
But the Doctor wasn't listening
He says “excuse me,but I'm wanted over there,
there's an important matter to be settled
Concerning Reilly's mare”

Then Mister Kieran intervened
And took Big Dan away
And off they went to Mc Donald's tent
To finish off the day.
And as Dan stood at the counter
He vowed that let it be his loss or gain
That a Mourne judge at a Cooley show
Would never stand again.

Molly Rafferty R.I.P.
Wednesday, July 08 2009 - 05:58 PM
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Phil Flynn

29 January 2017

The best singer , granny , mother and wife in the world
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Marie Sheelan

29 January 2017

My memory of Carlingford was PJ O'Hare babysitting me. Let me explain!!
My dad was Henry Murphy he was a Rent Collector but also was a Home Assistance Officer for the Cooley Peninsula. ( Fancy word now Community Welfare Officer ) He had two jobs and now its divided into three! Wont comment on the Public Sector here Ha Ha.
Anyway I use to go to Irish Dancing in Carlingford, he was always late collecting me, so I had to wait in PJ's bar, the sweet area mind you on a high stool. PJ's gave me hot orange every week without fail.
He use to encrypt words and each week I had a task of figuring out the townland of the Cooley area. Prize was a Cadburys bar of chocolate each week.
God to this day I still love plain chocolate.
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Jane McParland Poland

29 January 2017

Browsing your site brought back some fond memories. Holidays spent in Carlingford. My father was Brendan McParland son of John and Elizabeth Elmore McParland. My grandmother was a native of Carlingford and that’s why my father loved to go there. My father never drove but he bought a caravan and had it towed to the North Commons and with the permission of a man my father knew (I think it was John Francis O’Hagan) the caravan was parked at the start of the ‘Old Road’ down into Carlingford and from then on our weekends and summer holidays were spent at the Caravan. I recall climbing a mountain with my parents and three brothers; my father carrying a tin of white paint to a place on the mountain that he referred to as the ‘White Mans Face’ his purpose was to freshen the paint on the face. My father was a seaman and a great storyteller he told us children that ‘the face on the mountain was a land mark for ships at sea’ .I would love to know has anyone else a name for this land mark and how it came to be there? My Uncle Jim Mc Parland wrote a poem about the North Commons which he said was inspired by a visit to my father’s caravan on the North Commons.
Jane Mc Parland Poland

By Jim Mc Parland
There’s a place called the Commons that I used to know
It over looks Carlingford Bay.
Where often in childhood down there I did go
And those memories are with me to stay.
The Burn where we sailed our wee boats is now dry
It’s overgrown, ruined and wild.
And oft I go back to those scenes long gone by
I first saw through the eyes of a child.

I climbed Slieve Foy Mountain and walked by the streams
I watched the trout leap in the pool
And often I thought, but it was just idle dreams
That I hated to go back to school.
When School days were over, down there I would go
To that place that is rugged and wild.
Back to the scenes that I knew long ago
I first saw through the eyes of a child.

Those days have all past now, the old folk are gone
And new folk have come there to stay.
It was there that I first heard the lark sing at dawn
To greet every new summer day.
It was there in the evening the curlew would call
From the mountain so rugged and wild.
In that place called the Commons, the best spot of all
I first saw through the eyes of a child.
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