<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


Morgane Woods

29 January 2017

A tribute to Nanny Jackie Woods

Your smile brightens the room,

The joy you bring is priceless,

And your laugh is like an angels.

My role model,

Not only mine but all of ours,

When things went wrong, you kept us strong.

You never let us down,

Or under estimated us,

Thank you Nanny,

You're so special to all of us,

You play a huge part in our family.
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29 January 2017

Does anyone have memory ghan cottage ghand roaMore > (0 comments)


29 January 2017

As its Halloween, have to remember some really good times, firstly you were allowed to stay out really late.Gathering tyres(not eco friendly) for the bonefire up the 'DUMP' then playing 'Thunder and Lightening' plus removing gates, bangers,jumpin jacks, sparklers, rockets etc., all probably illegal and smuggled through from Newry, a good chase by the Garda and that just topped a great night. The bonefire at the Molly was also a big deal am not sure if it happened at the same time as the Dump bonefire or if we were relocated, can anyone remember?More > (0 comments)

Tom Dwyer

29 January 2017

I was born in NYC and at the age of 12, I went to spend a summer with The Coyle’s of Irish Grange, Barney, Lizzie, Sarah and Noah. My mom was Alice who immigrated to New York with her older sister Mamie. When my time came to go home I refused and threatened to run away with my dog Teddy up the Cooley Mountain. Lizzie called my mom and dad and after much talk, I was allowed to stay until the following summer. My mom and dad had to take me home to NYC, I remember this year as the best of my early days!! I went to the Bush Tech and made many friends. Years later in 1992 I bought their home. Many a day I road my red bike into Carlingford and hung at McKevitts, Arthur, The Yank, was a piece of work....More laterMore > (0 comments)

Dale Drypolcher

29 January 2017

first let me say that while I personally have no memories of Carlingford, butI am sure my great grandmother and her mother and father did. i live in America and have discovered that my great grandmother, Esther Mateer, was born in Carlingford about 1845. Her parents were James Mateer and Elizabeth Caldwell.Esther came her to America and wed my great grandfather, Charles Drypolcher.
I have become fascinated with my Irish heritage and am trying to find out if there are any Mateers or Caldwells left in Carlingford.

From what I have seen online, Carlingford looks to be a beautiful, friendly place. My wife and I are planning a trip to your fair city in next year.

If anyone there has any memory or information about my relatives,I would appreciate your contacting me. My email address is Enable JavaScript to view email address.. I hope it was o.k. to post this on your website. I really enjoy reading about Carlingford.

Thank you ! Dale Drypolcher
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