<p>View of Carlingford from the sea</p>

View of Carlingford from the sea


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Rita Gallagher

29 January 2017

No memories.Just a comment.I have been searching for answers as to why at age 30 in 1920 why my grandfather woud have left Omeath County .Surely an age when you would be just an odd time for Jim to have left.Why not at a much younger age.But I may have found the answer.Maybe it was just to beautiful to leave.They were from St Laurence parish.The Hardy family.Thank you for this pageMore > (0 comments)

Dave Barry

29 January 2017

My grandfather, Albert Barry (1866-1945) and his wife Lizzie (Fegan) moved to Carlingford for the period ~1920-28. Albert had previously been ship's
carpenter for coastguard lightships in Cork and Down, before working in the
Glasgow shipyards 1907-20. It is said that he was harbourmaster at
Carlingford Lough 1920-28, whether at Carlingford or Warrenpoint not being
known. Of course, maybe he was working as a shipwright on- or offshore. The children were educated in Newry and possibly also Dundalk. I've been told
that the children schooled alongside a Barney McKevitt of Carlingford, who in the 1980's owned McKevitt's Hotel in the village. In 1928, the family moved back to Glasgow.

I'm seeking any information, and in particular about Albert's job, the schools attended by the children (who would have been aged 13, 9, 8,2 in 1920) and anything of interest.

Many thanks for your help.More > (0 comments)

Peter ONeill

29 January 2017

Hi, Joe was my father and I remember your granny.More > (0 comments)

Aine Maunsell, Kerry

29 January 2017

In Memory Of Michael Smyth & and all the Smyth Family in Castletown Cooley , I have just seen the picture of my late Dad Michael , working on the Woods farm with his sister Minnie Smyth, I remeMber all the lovely stories he would tell me about when he was young and working on the farm , my dad loved animals all his life ! and he loved Cooley ,More > (0 comments)

Jim McCourt

29 January 2017

To many to mention the Woods family the Finnegans @MckevitsMore > (0 comments)