When searching for a family name -search by surname,Each surname bears the Christian names of all in that family buried in that grave or associated with that family.The date of the first burial in the grave is at the end of the search line.

Grave Markings

Berrells Eugene, Waldron,1960

Berrells Teddy 1999

Boyle Edward,Eileen,Richard, Margaret,1974

Boyle Louis,Elizabeth,Susan Carroll,Edward,Joseph,1996

Boyle Paddy,Bridget, Elizabeth,Agnes,1974,

Boyle Winifred,Leo, 1998

Breen Annie,Carron,Michael (Dickey) 1964

Brown David,Kathleen,Rice 1998

Buckley William,Bill,Maud 2008

Byrne Chris, Woods,2010