Faughart Old.

When searching for a family name -search by surname,Each surname bears the Christian names of all in that family buried in that grave or associated with that family.The date of the first burial in the grave is at the end of the search line.

Grave Markings

Byrne Francis,Sarah,John, Patrick,Bernard, James, Thomas, Peter,Francis, Joseph, Lizzie, Edward,Mary, San Francisco, Bellurgan, 1848

Erected to the memory of Francis Byrne of Bellurgan who Died in 1848 Aged 84 years. His wife Sarah Died in 1887 Aged 86 years. Also their children John ,Patrick, Bernard,James Thomas, Peter, Also Peters children Francis (Proposed to have Died in San Francisco) Joseph, Lizzie, Edward, Also Mary the beloved wife of the above Peter Byrne who Died on 21st March 1905.Aged 89 years. RIP

Bruce Edward, King of Ireland, Faughart 1318.

Edward Bruce, King of Ireland, Killed in the battle of Faughart., 14 Oct 1318.

Byrne James, Henery, Dundalk, 1865.

Erected by Henery Byrne of Dundalk, In memory of his father James Byrne who departed this life on the 26th Aug.1865 Aged 60 years. also in memory of his brother William who departed (Rest is below ground)

Byrne Michael ,Patrick,Norah,Bridget Kelly, Lily Cunningham,

Byrne Peter

Erected by --- Byrne Faughart in memory of his father Peter Byrne who departed this life --- 20th Dec 1837.Aged 50 (?) years. Also ------

Cahill Catherine 1856 (See Harold Owen)

Campbell Jane 1822. (See Norton, Judith)

Campbell Patrick,Elizabeth ,Peter, Patsy,Claret Rock 1965.

Clarke Maggie (See McAlister Michael)

Cunningham Lily, (Byrne Michael)