Dundalk,St Patricks (Cooley Connection)

When searching for a family name -search by surname,Each surname bears the Christian names of all in that family buried in that grave or associated with that family.The date of the first burial in the grave is at the end of the search line.

The first grave opened in this cemetery was on Good Friday 1895 . Michael Callaghan of Caseys Row Dundalk was interrned and his memorial stone was erected by his fellow members of the Dundalk St Patricks Total Abstinence Society in his memory. He died on April 10th 1895.

Grave Markings

Baldwin William,Alice,Breege,Jenkinstown,1978,

Beattie Jack,Mary Catherine,Ann Jane, Bellurgan

................... Her husband Jack Beattie died 17th Dec 1964. Their daughter Mary Catherine died 31st Jan 1979. Their daughter Ann Jane Beattie died 13th March 1985.

Beatty Peckham Wm. 1879.

In loving memory of Peckham Wm Beatty who died on the 10th of Nov 1879.Aged 55 years. Erected by his devoted wife and sons.

Callaghan Michael, Dundalk 1895.

This stone marks the first grave opened in this cemetery on Good Friday 1895 and was erected by his fellow members of the Dundalk St Patricks Total Abstinence Society to the memory of Michael Callaghan Caseys Row who died April 10th 1895.

Carragher Joseph,Anna,Castle Hill, Carlingford, 1951

Clarke Bernard,Catherine,John,Ellen,James Mary, Piedmont, Killen, 1910

In loving memory of Bernard Clarke Piedmont Riverstown died 29th Sept 1910. His wife Catherine 27th Jan died 27th Jan 1929. And John Clarke died 21st Aug 1958. His wife Ellen died on the 15th of July 1978. And their grand - daughter died 5th March 1955. James Clarke, Killen died 6th of Sept 1914. And his wife Mary died 3rd Oct 1951.

Cogan Peter,Rose,Annaskeagh, Mount Pleasant, 1978

Crilly Elizabeth, Annaskeagh,

Cullen Hugh, Mary, Ravensdale 1913.

Erected by Hugh Cullen Ravensdale in memory of his beloved wife Mary Ann who died 11th Oct. 1913.Aged 73 years. Also the above Hugh Cullen who died on the 7th Nov 1918.

Dooley Michael Rose, Hugh, Annie,Greenore 1914

In loving memory of Michael Dooley Greenore who died on the 6th Dec 1914. His wife Rose died 1st April 1919. Their son Hugh died 20th April 1918. Their daughter Annie died 22nd March 1961. Rose died 24th June 1987